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The Weekly 1,000

An exercise club for writers

The Weekly 1000 - An exercise club for writers
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An exercise club for writers
The Weekly 1000 is a forum for writers both aspiring and working to enjoy some regular creative exercise in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Here's how it works: On Mondays, a moderator will post an assignment related to writing prose fiction. You might be asked to narrate a given picture, expand on a pre-written sentence or two, or sketch out a character along certain guidelines. Come Friday, you post your 1,000 words on the assignment given for everyone in the community to enjoy and comment on.

So many writers don't give themselves the pleasure of a little workout. Once you get into the groove of it, you'll be surprised how easy it really is to come up with 1,000 words, and how much fun it is to flex your writing muscles in an encouraging atmosphere. Sometimes all we need is a push to get started. And maybe something you come up with here will inspire you to a more ambitious project!

About criticism - we want this to be a place that's supportive, but also constructive and honest. A writer needs thick skin, and they also need to learn how to give and receive feedback well. To participate in this community means more than writing, it means taking the time to read others' work and give a little back to them.

The intent is to keep this community at a manageable size, so there may be times when we're not accepting new members. On the flip side - if you are a member and want to take some time off, be sure to let a moderator know so we can give some new voices a chance to contribute.

If this sounds like fun, contact the moderator. Tell a little bit about yourself and share a writing sample.